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Welcome to, the website of Save Plumstead, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization of Plumstead residents and their neighbors who are concerned about the conservation and stewardship of our water resources. Our broader mission>>

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Herald, October 29, 2009  "Plumstead encourages voters to support referendum: $4.5 million bond issue would be used for multi-use park" by Rebecca Fink


Letter to the Editor of the Intelligencer, "Drinking water trumps natural gas," May 31, 2009: ". . . A new law may be introduced in Congress to overturn the hydraulic fracturing exemption and Nockamixon's resolution has been submitted to Rep. Patrick Murphy as support for that action. It is crucial that people tell our elected officials to restore effective environmental regulation of natural gas. The future of our water resources and the quality of the Delaware River and its tributaries depend on it. Go to to take action."

Intelligencer, April 20, 2009 "Environmental agency looking ahead to 2010" by Theresa Hegel: "PennEnvironment released a report detailing uses for funds to protect the environment and clean energy."

Intelligencer, April 8, 2009 "Police called to calm meeting" by Freda R. Savana. A video of the meeting is posted here and at Plumstead Township engineer Tim Fulmer begins the Board of Supervisors' hearing on a land development waiver for the construction of a surge tank by Bucks County Water and Sewer Authority, represented by attorney John Koopman (out of the frame) and John Swenson and Greg Hucklebridge of Carroll Engineering. Public comments are omitted to avoid publicizing individual property owners' problems with their sanitary systems.

Intelligencer, April 6, 2009 "Water monitoring will continue: Contamination in Cross Keys has affected numerous homes and businesses" by Freda R. Savana

Intelligencer, April 2, 2009 "A sobering look at gas drilling" by Amanda CreganIntelligencer, February 26, 2009 "Experts discuss state environmental issues" by George Mattar Intelligencer, February 10, 2009 "Objections aside, board OKs drilling" by Amanda CreganIntelligencer, January 20, 2009 "Water becoming hot commodity for communities" by Hilary Bentman

Intelligencer/Courier Times, January 4, 2009  "Report: Water crisis looming for Upper Bucks" by Amanda Cregan


"Groundwater Level Monitoring of the Aquifer in the Neighborhood of Palisades Schools, Nockamixon," Bridgeton-Nockamixon-Tinicum Groundwater Management Committee, December 29, 2008

Intelligencer editorial, November 18, 2008 "Conflict is clear"


Intelligencer, November 13, 2008  "Attorneys get angry at gas drilling hearing" by Amanda Cregan


Intelligencer, November 2, 2008  "County pins hopes on aeration plan" by Jenna Portnoy


Intelligencer, October 20, 2008  "Well-grounded fears" by Amanda Cregan


Intelligencer, October 15, 2008  "Drilling company appeals Bucks judgment" by Theresa Hegel


Intelligencer, October 8, 2008  "DEP disputes claims that wells are not protected" by Amanda Cregan


Intelligencer, September 30, 2008  "Judge backs local control in gas drilling" by Amanda Cregan


Intelligencer, September 24, 2008 "Tests ordered on Delaware River Basin" by Hilary Bentman


Christian Science Monitor, September 18, 2008 "Controversial path to possible glut of natural gas: Water and chemicals injected at high pressure can extract more gas – and possibly pollute drinking water" by Mark Clayton

August 19, 2008, 7:30 PM, Plumstead Township Building: David Fennimore of Earth Data Northeast, Inc., presents results of the groundwater study they have conducted for the township.


Intelligencer, July 26, 2008 "Call made for more water tests" by Jenna Portnoy

Intelligencer, July 20, 2008 "Officials concerned about gas drilling" by Amanda Cregan
Intelligencer, July 17, 2008 "Delaware River gets special" by Amanda Cregan

SaSave Plumstead deeply regrets the passing of our former attorney, Bob Sugarman, who died yesterday after a long illness. It would be difficult to overstate his contribution to the protection of our environment. "Bucks County's 'protector' dies at 70," Intelligencer, June 28, 2008.


Intelligencer, June 19, 2008 "Backup well, storage tank urged" by Freda Savana


June 16, 2008, 7:30 PM, Plumstead Township Building: The Board of Supervisors meets with "the township's hydrologist and the contractor who monitors the needs of the four township-owned water plan for future needs of the aging systems.... A township-wide water study is also underway. A preliminary report on that is expected later in the summer." (Full story, Intelligencer, June 14.) Entire video at

Intelligencer, April 30, 2008 "Bucks: Are we getting soaked?" by Jenna Portnoy


May 6, 2008, 7:30 PM, Plumstead Township Building: Earth Data gives an update on the water study to the Board of Supervisors.


May 1, 2008, 7:30 PM, Plumstead Township Building: The Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission and EAC co-hold a special meeting to discuss a draft amendment to the stormwater provisions of the Township Code of Ordinances. This is in keeping with the final settlement agreement's provision that "the Township will update its existing Stormwater Management Ordinance to insure increased stormwater recharge within the Township."

Intelligencer, April 30, 2008 "Bucks water, sewer bills going up" by Jenna Portnoy

Intelligencer, April 8, 2008 "Modification could allow on-lot sewage disposal" by Freda R. Savana

February 10, 2008  Click here for Save Plumstead's report to our members and email subscribers on our progress to date. Click here to be added to our email list.


Intelligencer, February 10, 2008 "Late fees to be waived for sewer bills" by Riley Yates 


Intelligencer, February 6, 2008 "Township ponders grant for water data" by Nicole Foulke


February 5, 2008, 7:30 PM, Plumstead Township Building, Eco-Bucks presentation on well monitoring to Board of Supervisors. Bob Stanfield's preview: "The Bridgeton-Nockamixon-Tinicum Groundwater Management Committee (BNT GWMC, a tri-municipal advisory committee) has for the last 5 years been monitoring groundwater levels around the townships. Doing so, we have learned a great deal about this limited resource we depend on so critically, yet know so little about. We have discovered how fragile our geology for providing water is and have crafted ordinances to recognize its limitations. We attracted the attention of the Wallace Foundation, which offered us $5,000 each for Bedminster and Plumstead to develop a similar program. We require that this program be approved by the townships. In Plumstead your Environmental Advisory Council is sponsoring this and will be looking for suggestions for critical sites where monitoring would be effective. The presentation will be a quick overview of what we have learned in the BNT GWMC." Click here for handout provided.


Intelligencer, January 25, 2008  "Judge OKs lawsuit settlement: The deal expands the Bucks County Water and Sewer Authority's footprint in Plumstead" by Riley Yates

NOTE: Save Plumstead has prepared a detailed report to our membership and email subscribers. Click here to be added to our email list.


COURT HEARING ON OUR PETITION TO INTERVENE, January 24, 2008, 10 AM, Courtroom 6, Bucks County Courthouse: All depositions are complete. We received an order for a hearing on Thursday, Jan. 24, on the outstanding petitions, including Plumstead Township and Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority's petition to approve their stipulation (settlement agreement). It is our hope that the judge will hear Save Plumstead's petition to intervene before addressing their petition to approve the stipulation (settlement agreement). The public is welcome to observe the hearing.


January 21, 2008, 7:30 PM, Plumstead Township Building   Plumstead Open Lands Commission and Plumstead Historical Society invited the public to an information evening on the benefits of living in a nationally recognized Historic District. Kathryn Auerbach, Professor of Historic Preservation at Bucks County Community College, talked about the process and possibilities of putting Plumstead's Smith's Corner and surrounding landscape on the National Register of Historic Places. The protection and tax benefits, increased real estate values, and grant opportunities were explained.


Intelligencer, November 9, 2007  "[Solebury] Water 'good to excellent'" by Riley Yates

Intelligencer, November 7, 2007  "Bucks voters support $87 million for open space" by Marion Callahan


Bucks County Herald, November 1, 2007  "Solebury supervisors to address water study by Diane Marczely Gimpel


Bucks County Herald, November 1, 2007  "Bedminster backs open space plan" [and PACC "formed to assess the quality of groundwater in Central Bucks County"]  by Linn H. Jeffries


Intelligencer, October 28, 2007  "Accessing open space" by Marion Callahan

Intelligencer, October 22, 2007  "Water issues dominate supervisors race" by Riley Yates 


Letter to the Editor of the Intelligencer, "Water supply bears watching," September 10, 2007


Intelligencer, August 31, 2007  "Supervisors approve $36,000 water study" by Riley Yates


August 22, 2007  Settlement agreement signed


August 9, 2007  Save Plumstead petitions the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas to be allowed to join Tom Alvar's Petition to Intervene in the litigation between Plumstead Township and the Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority. Our aim is to ensure that any outcome of the litigation protects Plumstead Township's water resources. What we are asking>>
How you can help: JOIN US AS A MEMBER. All we need are your name and address. The more members we have, the stronger our standing in court. Sign up for email alerts.
August 6, 2007 incorporates as Save Plumstead, a PA nonprofit; prepares to file for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

Intelligencer, August 3, 2007  "Sewer settlement bad for Plumstead's future"  by Housley Carr, Plumstead Township Supervisor  Full text>>


Intelligencer, July 19, 2007  "Supervisors approve sewer accord that settles lawsuit" by Riley Yates 


July 17-18, 2007  Board of Supervisors' meeting, 7:30 PM, Township Building. Our petitions were delivered to the Supervisors during the public comment period at the start of the meeting.  Tom Alvare then announced that he had filed a Petition to Intervene in the proposed settlement. Most of the evening and early hours of the morning were spent discussing Housley Carr and Betsy Helsel's suggested improvements to the draft agreement. Some, though not all, were incorporated. At about 2:10 AM the Supervisors voted 3-2 to approve the settlement offer, without waiting for the conclusion of the water study, thereby ignoring their Environmental Advisory Council's recommendations. As Housley Carr put it, "This agreement is an opening of the door to mass development." It would allocate to BCWSA 1,125 new EDUs, of which 125 would remain negotiable, depending on the results of the water study. This is the first allowed link between the water study and the agreement.* Intelligencer, July 18. *Note: Inexplicably, the reference to the water study did not appear in the settlement agreement that was signed on August 22, 2007, though it was approved, voted on, and recorded in the minutes of the July 17 meeting.


June 28 & July 1, 2007  Letter to the Editor of the Bucks County Herald and Intelligencer


June 27, 2007  The first meeting of garnered a dozen attendees in the Plumstead Township Building. We decided to launch a petition drive, calling on the Plumstead Township Supervisors to "follow their Environmental Advisory Council's recommendations: wait for the conclusion of the water study and take its findings into account prior to any settlement with the Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority." We are also asking residents of the township whose wells have been impacted by development to share accounts of their experiences, to be published on our website. They may be submitted to


June 19, 2007  The Board of Supervisors grants permission for to meet in the township building. Text of request>>


Intelligencer, June 7, 2007  "Water study won't delay suit accord"  

by Riley Yates  Full news story>>

June 5, 2007  The Plumstead Supervisors finalized the language of the summary of the proposed settlement agreement. Supervisors Froio, Mulholland, and Formica voted to ask for the Environmental Advisory Council's comments on the proposed settlement agreement in July, before the water study is completed, over the objections of Supervisors Helsel and Carr as well as the EAC. The majority of the Supervisors continue to reject the notion that the results of the water study should inform the EAC's recommendations or affect the terms of the Board's proposed settlement of the lawsuit by BCWSA.


Intelligencer, May 27, 2007  "Reasons for water study differ"  

by Riley Yates  Full news story>>


May 24, 2007: In Work Session, Supervisors agree on language of Request for Proposals for water study, to be finalized at their next meeting on June 5.


Intelligencer, April 27, The Soapbox  Full text>>

"Questions to ask about the settlement"

by Betsy Helsel and Housley Carr, Guest Columnists


Intelligencer, April 22  "Water, growth at center of sewer fight: Some township officials fear public sewer systems would result in a loss of groundwater."  by Riley Yates  Full news story>>

As reported in the Intelligencer on April 18, 2007, there is disagreement among Plumstead's Supervisors over a proposed settlement of a lawsuit brought by the Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority, which would extend the sewer system in the township beyond the area currently served by the Authority. Full news story>>


The April 17, 2007, Supervisors' meeting featured a presentation by that highlighted the fragility of the area's groundwater resources and the need for monitoring, study, and conservation. Plumstead's Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) then submitted recommendations that include updating the water budget and doing an Environmental Impact Study prior to any agreement with the Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority. Full text>>
Plumstead Township, PA